1. Bulls should have at least one to two weeks sexual rest before testing for trich.
  2. Be safe. Always use a leg rope restraint.
  3. Prepare the bull’s prepuce by clipping excess hair and washing if heavily contaminated.
  4. If the prepuce is contaminated, infuse saline into the distal prepuce, massage and express the saline and wipe with a clean paper towel.


  1. Attach a clean 12-20 cc disposable syringe to the  TRICHIT™ collection tube.
  2. Using clean disposable gloves insert the tube into the prepuce. If the prepuce is excessively dry, apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the TRICHIT™ collection device  or infuse 5-10 cc of saline through the pipette and massage the sheath. An additional option is to pass the collection device through a disposable small diameter speculum or plastic cover in order to by-pass the heavier contaminates at the prepucial opening.
  3. Insert the TRICHIT™ collection cup to the fornix. There may be resistance as the cup reaches the penis, however, the cup is easily palpated and it can be maneuvered past the penis tip to the fornix.
  4. When the TRICHIT™ collection device has been inserted to the fornix, begin collection of the sample by applying slight negative pressure to the syringe as the device is withdrawn. Work the device by slow (not rapid) back and forth strokes. Do not be aggressive; (a more vigorous stroke action can be applied when using the clear cup) excess negative pressure will cause the mucosal lining to roll over the edge of the tip and occlude the opening into the pipette, making it difficult to withdraw.
  5. If the syringe fills with air before the collection is complete, remove the syringe from the device before expelling the air, reattach the syringe to the device and continue the collection.
  6. To minimize contaminates being aspirated into the tube discontinue negative pressure when the device tip has been withdrawn to within 4-6 inches of the prepuce orifice (or when the tip reaches the speculum if a speculum is used).
  7. Repeat the cycle 3-5 times.

When the TRICHIT™ device is withdrawn from the prepuce there should be smegma or cloudy fluid in the tip and lumen of the pipette. Occasionally, the sample collected in the tip is difficult to see, but is sufficient for the test. If, however, the sample quantity is deemed to be inadequate, reintroduce the device into the prepuce to the depth of the fornix, infuse 5 to 10 cc of saline, massage the prepuce, and repeat the collection procedure.


  1. Insert the collection cup into the media of choice and carefully aspirate and expel media 4-5 times to flush the tube and tip.  Do not be aggressive.
  2. Follow the recommendations of your selected diagnostic laboratory for media choice, sample preparation and transportation.
  3. Place absorbent pads in the shipping container to contain inadvertent leakage.
  4. Dispose of used devices and accessories by an approved disposal method for plastics and biologically contaminated equipment.

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