Until a few years ago, a negative bovine trichomonas diagnosis generally required three successive negative tests conducted at weekly intervals.

More recently, Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology has improved laboratory diagnosis. PCR can be done in real time with little or no incubation; it can identify trich organisms when they exist in scant numbers, even if they are dead.  PCR can also differentiate pathogenic from non-pathogenic trichomonads.

PCR technology found favor with many veterinary diagnostic laboratories and bovine veterinarians. In addition, many state regulators accepted the technology and incorporated it into their respective “trich” regulations.

Today, regulatory requirements and industry recommendations for trichomonas testing and classification are a mixed bag. Some states require three negative culture tests but only one negative PCR test. Others require three negative tests for intrastate or herd classification, but only one test for interstate movement.  The type of test may, or may not be spelled out, further complicating an attempt for uniform regulations or guidelines. In addition, state regulations seldom address the testing protocol to be used in the field or lab.

Consequently, the trend toward requiring only one test for a negative classification places additional responsibility on the veterinarian to use the most reliable methods available when collecting samples for T. foetus testing.

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Using the industry standard – Continental Plastic INFUSETTE™ Pipettes – and the innovative, industry-proven collection cup, TRICHIT™ delivers the most effective Trichomonis testing device on the market.



TRICHIT Collection Cup

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The  TRICHITTM collection cup was designed to improve scraping edge of the standard infusion tube and increase the scraping surface from 0.38” (circumference of the infusion tube opening) to 1.57” (the scraping circumference of the TRICHITTM cup) a factor of over 400%.

The TRICHITTM collection cup is beveled to give it a more effective edge.





Collection Cup Options



The clear/natural TRICHITTM  cup is made of a pliable plastic. This allows for a more vigorous back and forth collection stroke, which may be preferred by some practitioners.

The black TRICHITTM  cup is made of moderately rigid plastic, giving it the most aggressive scraping surface. The practitioner uses a less aggressive collection stroke when using this version.


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